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“Doctor Lindsey Clark is a wonderful Doctor she cares so much she take time to understand to listen and do the best for your health.i higher recomend. Doctor Clark for your care she have a great team working for her and that with a great Doctor like Doctor Clark you can’t beat I trust her a hundred percent and there nothing anyone can do to make me change my mind. Thank u Doctor Clark [and] ECMC for the wonderful care you have for me all the five days I was there my respect and my gratitude for each of you. Love you all.” – CL 

“This kudos goes to the physical therapy department at BrookBridge in the Orchard Park location. Brian Deluca and his entire extraordinary staff which also includes the wonderful front desk medical records team. The staff works well with one another and with all the clients. I can say that i know the quality of care that is provided at UB Orthopaedics and everyone who has worked with me has continued to help me recover an continues to improve my spirits as well the atmosphere is one of caring sincerity. The staff are the upmost professional, compassionate, friendly, and go out of their way to be helpful. Brian Deluca continues to go the extra miles to help me improve the many orthopedic issues that remain a challenge. I also appreciate the helpful tips and printed photos with instructions for me to continue those steps at home to avoid making my issues worse. I won’t hesitate to return to their care whenever I need PT help. I continue my thanks to all the staff.” – DD

“In 2016 Dr. Fineberg performed extensive right shoulder repair of rotator cuff, labrum tear, and torn biceps tendon. Postoperatively, I attended 12 weeks of PT under the supervision of DPTs, not PTs. My shoulder now is right where I wanted it and where Dr. Fineberg said it would be. This physician was bombarded by constant reminders of how I wanted to return to athletics and an active life. He did 100+ percent of my hopes and expectations.” – MW

Dr. Phillips performed a total hip replacement on my left hip [several years ago] and just performed the another hip replacement on my right hip. This time around I was a little nervous but Dr. Phillips’ calm demeanor made me feel confident about the surgery. I couldn’t be happier! The staff has been very helpful throughout the process. Thank you!!” – LB

“I visited UBMD Orthopaedics’ Dr. Bernas for a second opinion for a rotator cuff tear and other shoulder complications. The original orthopedist I had consulted informed me there was nothing he could do and that I would need a total reverse shoulder replacement within 5-10 years. Dr. Bernas evaluated me and said he could probably help me by repairing my injuries. Last August I had same day laparoscopic surgery, repair of a massive rotator cuff tear and repair and relocation of tendons with two bone anchors. I have five small scars on my shoulder that are hardly noticeable. I did not have to take any pain medication following the surgery. I feel that now six months postop my shoulder is almost 100% “normal” as I was before my injury. I consider Dr. Bernas and his PA Matthew the absolute BEST! I am so grateful I contacted UBMD Orthopaedics.” – NL

Hats off to Dr. Bisson, fantastic job on my shoulder repair. Especially for the damage that was done. Therapy went excellent and I am back training again . It was a long 6 month rehab but in the end the surgery and healing went better than expected. Thank you for everything . Your staff from physician assistant to secretary are top notch and vary professional.” – RS

“My total visit time was about 45 minutes. During that period, I was checked in, waited about 5 minutes and was back in the area for a second check in, had a wonderful Medical Assistant do my BP, etc, was examined by the PA (Frank Domnisch with Dr. Jones), had an Xray, given an injection, fitted for a wrist brace and was on my way back to work. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. I felt at ease and well cared for. I have recommended UBMD to several people. Great job!” – RM, Derby

“I recently visited Dr. John Marzo for a rotator cuff tear. Dr. Marzo has previously performed ACL surgery and microfracture surgery on my knee. Dr. Marzo also repaired a labral tear in my shoulder. I was sad to see that Dr. Marzo was not doing surgery anymore as he did a great job on my knee and shoulder. I have recommended dozens of people to Dr. Marzo because of my experience with Dr. Marzo and his assistant Kathy. Dr. Marzo is very thorough and professional besides being a great surgeon. I will continue to recommend anyone to Dr. Marzo and his practice.” – BP

“A great surgeon makes all the difference. Heartfelt thanks go to Dr. Mark Anders for reconstructing my acetabulum last summer after I was struck by a truck. I believe he used 10 pins/screws to get all the parts realigned. The precision with which he put me back together is remarkable. Within 2 weeks I had minimal hip pain. I was walking again without pain after 3 months. There were several other trauma injuries that had to heal or be corrected. But now 8 months after the hip repair I am running again – also without pain. While I still have to continue to rebuild my stamina and strength, my goal is to run a marathon again perhaps later this year. I know several people who have had skeletal fractures, reconstructions, and joint replacements and have had long recoveries, residual problems, and have never regained full function. Many people remark about how well I am doing and how quickly I recovered. Yes, I have worked hard but the underlying surgical fix was excellently done and that is what has made it possible for me to push myself and get back to where I was before being struck. Dr. Anders is recognized and well respected around the country. My son (an MD from CA) informed me while I was at ECMC that I was fortunate to have been in Western NY when the accident happened because the surgeon who did the work was one of the best. When I returned home to Cincinnati, the orthopedists who took over my case was impressed with the reconstruction and asked who did the work. When he learned it was Mark Anders, his comment was “Yes, looks like his work. I’ll see him in a few weeks and will tell him I have the case, now.” Thank you Dr. Anders.” – PH

“To Dr. Joshua Jones, many thanks for the great job with regard to my tendonitis. Please forgive me for not calling but I hope this testimonial will suffice. The shots you gave me are working very well. I can actually make a fist and open it with ease. Many thanks.” – MR

Dr. Fineberg, Thanks for the continued excellent & professional environment that I have experienced in my 3 years of our relationship. Your bedside manner is very relaxing, yet straight forward. The office is extremely efficient given your great staff (Greg/PA, Mary Jo & Heather ) & I have not had one mishap or gap in communication due to their addressing issues on time, all the time! Since my initial Rotator Cuff surgery in 2013, I am confident, with it in your hands, the Left one will work out just as well, if not better! I have thanked my GP in initially referring me to you, as I have blessed to be in good hands! Keep the Faith & keep up the ‘GREAT WORK’! – PG, Hamburg, NY 

Dr. Rachala preformed bilateral knee replacement at Buffalo General. This was a major decision for me. I’m in my 40s and still have 8 years in my career as a firefighter till I can retire. I could hardly walk and it was very difficult to perform my duties as a firefighter. I decided I had no choice and had it done. I was at the hospital for 4 days and the care was great. Dr. Rachala checked on my progress every day. I was sent home and had PT 3 times a week at my house for a month. By the end of the month I was walking a mile a day and was able to stand with no pain. I continued outpatient therapy for another 2 ½ months. By the end I was walking 2 to 3 miles a day and in less than 4 months I was back to work with no restrictions. I have to thank Dr. Rachala and all of the care providers at Buffalo General. Without the excellent care that was given to me, I’m sure my outcome could have been different. Thank you.” – JH

“I was in the office and saw Kristen [Bitikofer] who works with Dr. Hamill who I will see in a few weeks. I appreciated that she took the time to listen and did not rush me or make me feel as if I was wasting her time. It was a pleasure to be seen by her.” –

Robyn works with Dr. Brian McGrath, Robyn is just the best she will make you at ease spend all the time you need answering any and all questions. Both have worked with my wife that is why I chose both for this. It would be hard to find better I think they’re the best including his office staff.” – DM

“Dear Dr. Marzo – My daughter tore her ACL ski racing. The surgery went really well and her rehab went well too. She went back to ski racing in for the 2014/2015 ski season. Her ACL was strong, but getting back to where she left off was very difficult. There was still some pain and soreness in her knee and she was still getting her functional strength back.  I am sure it is no surprise to you that it is a long rehab process. By the end of that season she was skiing much better, but still working her way back.  Last ski season (2015/2016) she was back 100%. She qualified for the New York State team from WNY and went on to win the New York State Championship for her age group in Super G. She also finished 7th in Giant Slalom and 4th in Slalom. She advanced to the Eastern Championships in Sunday River Maine. Her knee is strong and she is doing great. She can’t wait to ski race again this season. She is also playing lacrosse and rowing. This photo was taken at the New York State Championships this past season. My daughter is a strong and athletic high school freshman now and able to do all the sports and activities she loves. My wife, my daughter and I wanted to thank you again for taking care of her and for doing such a good job on her surgery.” – CG

” I would like to let everyone know what a great doctor Philip Stegemann is. He has been taking care of me for the last 5 years and is the kindest, gentleness, and so professional. Anyone with shoulder problems go see Dr. Stegemann. He is grrrrreat!” – VR

“Dear Dr. Geoffrey A. Bernas, MD,

I wish to thank you for the wonderful care for my shoulder repair in 2012. I didn’t know how bad it was until it started feeling better. Because of the wonderful care I received, I contacted UBMD for back surgery. I also had wonderful care from Dr. Lindsey Clark, MD in 2013. I haven’t felt this good in years. I recently tore the MCL’s in the right leg and left leg. I contacted Dr. Bernas and he has me on a course of PT to see if that will take care of it. He thoroughly explained my options and I know things will work out. Thanks again Dr. Bernas and Dr. Clark!”  – MH

“In 2015 I had surgery to remove bone from my right heel (Haglunds deformity). Now, nine months later I must say thank you to you, Dr. Gurske and your staff.  Since my surgery and rehab I’ve been pretty active, attending a spin class several times a week as well as other activities.  In June, my wife and I participated in the Ride 4 Roswell, doing the 34 mile route with no issues.  We just returned from a 2,000 mile road trip during which we did a LOT of hiking and climbing mountain trails and paths.  I had no pain in my heel where before my surgery I would have been in agony.  Also, driving long distances used to be painful as my heel would rest on the back of my shoe and cause pain.  Now, no pain.  I’m thankful to have had the surgery and I thank you and your staff for the care I received both before and after my surgery. God Bless you all!” – MT, Niagara Falls

“I saw Andrea Castonguay, Pa for Dr. William Wind today. I had an excellent experience! She was professional, took her time with me and explained everything very clearly. She injected my knee and it was painless. I would highly recommend her.” – TR

Dr. Hamill was straight – forward and honest. He is very thorough and leaves nothing to chance. He is not afraid to refer patients to another doctor for collaboration and insight and that is what he did with my case. I would refer anyone I know to Dr. Hamill.” – MC

Dr. Brian McGrath,

I very much appreciate everything you did for my husband during his illness. You more than once came to our rescue with your expert knowledge and genuine concern. I will be forever grateful.” – RE

“My 15 year old daughter tore her ACL/Meniscus while playing basketball. Dr. Fineberg’s office staff were excellent in getting her in to see the doctor and scheduling her for surgery one week later. Dr. Fineberg said the surgery went “perfect” when he spoke with us afterwards. My husband and I agree! My daughter did not have any bleeding or swelling after the surgery and her scar is going to be minimal. She has been recovering very well and we expect she will be back participating in sports next year. Thank you, your staff were thoughtful and caring and we appreciated your confidence, professionalism, and skill. We would recommend Dr. Fineberg to anyone that needs ACL/Meniscus repair. ” – GM

Dear Dr. McGrath,

Your skill in using the anterior appraoch for hip replacement gave me an amazingly speedy recover and has enabled me to resume activities that I had gradually eliminated from my life. Before, during and after surgery you and your office gave me the best of care. I knew that my questions would be thoughtfully addressed and answered. Many thanks! – SC

“So far my experience with UB Ortho and Dr. Fineberg and his staff has been excellent. I have already referred someone to Dr. Fineberg and will continue to do so in the future. I’m looking forward to getting back to my normal active life and I have Dr. Fineberg’s skill and UB Ortho’s professionalism to thank for that!” – MC

“I am not one to write testimonials however, my experience with Dr. Darling at UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine was truly amazing. My daughter was diagnosed with a concussion and out of school for over 7 weeks. We started our recovery at a different neurology center and was put on strong medicine that I feel hurt her more than helped. My gut told me I needed to find a different doctor. After some diligent research and referrals from friends, we ended up seeing Dr. Darling. His thorough knowledge immediately put us on the right path. We started reducing her medicine and letting her participate in moderate activity. At every visit goals were set and testing was done.  We were able to see and talk about her recovery together. Numerous follow up calls were made by Dr. Darling himself! I would highly recommend Dr. Darling and his staff! It has made all the difference!” – SW

Tara (Richards) is very passionate about her knowledge regarding healthy nutrition which aides in living a healthy lifestyle. Tara also looks at the client as a whole not just at the problem that the client brings to her attention. Tara listens to the clients concerns suggestions and goals to help aid with continuous good eating habits. With these new changes I have been ale to slim down, decrease the sizes of my clothing as well as having increased strength and stamina.  I’m very thankful for Tara’s guidance and her knowledge in leading a healthier lifestyle.” – DD

“In the last six years I have suffered two skiing relating injuries, completing tearing my ACL in each knee.  The first time was more traumatic since it was new and little scary.  Dr. Marc Fineberg took the time to put me at ease by fully discussing my options, both surgical and non surgical, and the recovery with me. In 2009, he reconstructed my right ACL, taking the time during surgery to give me as minimal scarring as possible.  Post surgery, he and his team saw me through my recovery and in six months time I was 100% and pain free.  I am an avid runner and was pleased to return to the sport I loved.   In an effort to take better care of my knees, I started cross training, biking and swimming.  Thanks to my ACL surgery and the full confidence Dr. Fineberg gave me in my repaired knee, I am now a Triathlete.  I was also able to return to skiing without any need for a brace or other support devices.  Unfortunately, after six years I got a little over confident with my skiing and ended up tearing my other ACL.  Without hesitation, I called Dr. Fineberg again.   Dr. Fineberg explained that there had been some advancements in the procedures for performing the surgery since he saw me last and again fully explained my options.  In March of 2015, he reconstructed my left ACL using the most recent, state of the art techniques.  I am pleased to say that this recovery, was even better than the last.  I am again back to 100% and pain free.  I am able to fully perform my daily functions both at home and work without limitation and I have returned to running, biking, swimming, sailing and yoga.  I am sure that I will ski again, just a little more cautiously.

My experience with Dr. Fineberg and UB Orthopedics has been extremely positive.  The front office is efficient, professional and considerate of my time as a patient.   Dr. Fineberg, his PA Greg Burkhard and his Administrative Assistant MaryJo, take a personal interest in their patients and are responsive to patient concerns and questions.  It was also very convenient and comfortable to be able to have my X-rays and MRI performed on site in the UB Orthopedics Office.  Dr, Fineberg prides himself on providing  innovative, comprehensive and personalized care designed to return his patients to their desired level of functioning.   He has done that for me twice and I will be forever grateful.” – SE

Dr. McGrath did my hip replacement in 2014. It went so well that I had the much needed replacement on my other hip in 2015. Angie Ryan, Dr. McGrath, and the nurses were wonderful. I am so thankful for all of them and to be pain free! I look forward to an active life and traveling with my husband. I have recommended this practice to others. Thank you to everyone at Dr McGrath’s office!” – KC

“I can’t say enough about Dr. Gurske and her team – and UBMD in general – for the great care they provided after I sustained a serious heel fracture. From the initial diagnosis through surgery, physical therapy and follow-up their professionalism and upbeat personalities kept me motivated to work hard through my recovery process. As a result I am walking, limp-free and pain-free, after less than 5 months post-injury. This is way ahead of schedule and I’m looking forward to picking up right from where I left off. Listen to your doctor and physical therapist: Their advice made all the difference in my rapid recovery.” – PB 

“Thank you Dr. Hamill for performing a successful TLIF on my L5 S1 back in 2011. I had a herniated disk for 13 years before I realized that my physical therapists did not have any surgeons on their staff. I researched spinal surgeons and found Dr. Hamill. Dr. Hamill had me in the operating room within two weeks of my initial visit. My back has healed and I no longer experience the daily pain of a herniated disk. Thank you for your expertise and skill.” –DW, North Tonawanda

Dr. Bisson,

You surgically treated me around 2005 for a distal bicep tendon tear. You did a miracle for me and I often think of you. I wish I could send you a photo of “the gun show” because here I am 10 years later and I’m doing GREAT because of you. I am blessed to know you. You do great work. I just thank you so much.” – JC

Dear Dr. Fineberg,

The practice you’ve established is extremely impressive, exceptionally professional and very knowledgeable, specifically, in the field of orthopedics. The PA’s you’ve brought on board have credentials and experience one can only dream about. It doesn’t stop there, however, and I would remiss by not mentioning the glue that bines this organization together and that would be the nurses, technicians and specifically the administrative staff.

You’re an exceptional orthopedic surgeon. Your great personality coupled with your dedication and diversity makes you the number one draft pick in all fields. You take the time to explain the complicated procedures that you’re going to perform on patients in terms that all non-medical personnel can understand. There is no limit to what you won’t tackle.” – LS, Lackawanna, NY

Dr. Wind reconstructed my daughter’s ACL after a basketball injury. Once she completed PT, they recommended the ACL Bridge program to transition her back to sports. Fernando was amazing and this program made a HUGE difference in her strength and, more importantly, her confidence. Prior to completing it, she was very afraid of re-injury and was apprehensive about returning to school sports. After about the 6th session – she told me her knee felt GREAT and there was no discernible difference between the knees. Great program and Fernando was a great trainer.” – JS, Niagara Falls, New York

“I just wanted to send a little note of thanks to Dr. Michael Rauh. I saw Dr. Rauh back in 2013. I was having a lot of pain in my knees, mostly my right knee. I came to see him with fear that I would need surgery. That did not happen. Dr. Rauh said that I had osteoarthritis in my knees, and that I could try physical therapy. He was so wonderful, he took the time to sit down and talk to me about trying to lose weight. He is the first doctor that really suggested I needed to lose weight, and he did it in such a positive, nice way. At the time of my visit with Dr. Rauh, I was at my heaviest ever – weighing 280 lbs. I have now lost 115lbs! I feel that Dr. Rauh has a lot to do with me losing the weight and getting healthy. From the day of my visit with him I have been so motivated and still think back to the conversation we had.” – TZ, Buffalo, New York

“In 2014, Dr. Rachala performed a total left knee replacement. In 90 days, I was playing doubles tennis at age 67. NO pain. I am extremely pleased for my increased quality of life. My leg is straight, and long walks and bicycling are great!” – GB, Buffalo, New York

“Just a thank you to Dr. Lindsey Clark. When I injured my neck I thought that I would never be the same, but Dr. Clark and the staff at ECMC changed that. Dr. Clark is an excellent surgeon – cool, compassionate and most capable. I will be forever grateful to her.” – PZ, Buffalo, New York

“We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the excellent medical care and first class professionalism in providing outstanding medical attention to our family. We have appreciated the skill, urgency and caring in dealing with our injuries.” – ASSISTANT GENERAL MANAGER CANADIENS DE MONTREAL

“On 2014, Dr. Matthew Phillips operated on me for a total left hip replacement. It was a date that changed my life for the better. Not only has my pain completely gone away, I am able to sleep through the night without waking up repeatedly in pain. Watching my family’s, friends’, and co-workers’ reactions seeing me walk again as a normal human being and not like Quasimodo really confirmed how much Dr. Phillips improved the quality of my life. I am forever grateful to him and his excellent staff. I would highly recommend this wonderful doctor to give you the most professional treatment. He also used a procedure that was less invasive so that your recovery time is so much shorter. Thank you, Dr. Phillips. You really do make a difference in people’s lives.” – BD, Buffalo, New York

“Over the weekend my son fell and ended up fracturing his arm. I was nervous about going to a specialist with a 23 month old in fear of a long wait time for just a few minutes with the doctor. But I was pleasantly surprised. Everyone I spoke to today was great. Right from the first call the receptionist was quite polite and sincerely apologized when I was put on a longer than usual hold. They were able to squeeze my son in on the same day that I called. When we arrived there was an activity block for him to play with while I filled out paperwork and he didn’t mind the 10 minute wait to be called back. When we were called back we were greeted by the receptionist in the pediatric area. She was very friendly and even let my son take one of the toys from the waiting room back in to our room to help keep him entertained. When we met Shelby she was amazing with my son. She was gentle and patient with him. Even though he was scared it put me at ease that she wasn’t uncomfortable working with a “difficult” child. When we saw Dr. Ferrick he didn’t just jump in and start examining my son. He started talking to him and letting my son warm up to him. We ended up needing a cast and a repeat X-Ray and even then everyone was amazing with my toddler. I’m so glad we had the opportunity to be seen by this amazing group of people. Thank you!!! – SP, Buffalo, New York

“I saw Dr. Wind back in 2007 after I had injured my shoulder at work and could no longer lift. He tried several therapies before surgery was the only option. He performed arthoscopic surgery on my shoulder, removing bone spurs that were fraying my rotator cuff and arthritis from my collar bone. Here, 7 yrs later I still have full range of motion and use of that arm. I am going to try and return to him for the elbow on that arm as well. His rapport with his patients is excellent. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing shoulder treatment.” – MA, Buffalo, New York

“When people ask me to recommend a doctor for foot pain problems, I always recommend Dr. Bernhard Rohrbacher. Many years ago I limped (literally) into his office diagnosed with bone spurs/plantar fascitis. Everything Dr. Rohrbacher recommended helped to eventually resolve the unbearable pain. Night splint to keep the affected foot at 90 degree angle while sleeping. Custom orthotics, frequent heel drop stretches throughout the day and wearing the very best running sneakers I could find. He also educated me about the importance of discarding running shoes when worn out. For example, when the shoes no longer have the ‘spongey’ supportive feeling they have when first purchased, no matter how good the shoes look on the outside, they wear out from the inside! A few years later, I developed sharp pain in the ball of my foot. My primary MD thought the pain was caused by a Morton’s neuroma and recommended seeing a podiatrist for surgery. I demanded a referral to see Dr. Rohrbacher. His diagnosis: inflammation (synovitis) of the toe next to the great toe. With adept hands, Dr. Rohrbacher placed cloth surgical tape around the affected toe in a ‘figure eight’ pattern and anchoring the tape on the dorsal (top) of my foot. The pain was immediately gone. No drugs. No surgery. And one recommendation. Avoid wearing high heeled shoes! Well, you can’t win ’em all! Thank you, Dr. “Happy Feet.” – MS, Buffalo, New York

“I am very happy we chose the team of doctors, therapists, trainers and staff at UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine when our son, Ben, tore his ACL and meniscus. Dr. Wind and his professional staff treated Ben with care and compassion, and their experience in dealing with athletes was evident. After surgery, Ben began his long road of physical therapy and rehabilitation at NFMMC’s Summit Physical Therapy, working with Maragaux and Ken. They knew the protocols and expectations that Dr. Wind had, and they consulted with him when necessary to ensure Ben was recovering as expected. Ben completed phsyical therapy with a completely “functional” knee, but as an athlete that haden’t played sports in several months, he wasn’t ready to “return to play” at the higher phsyical level. The NFMMC’s Competitive Edge’s ACL Bridge Program was the perfect transition to get Ben back on the field. Working one-on-one with athletic trainer, Fernando, provided Ben with the physical and strength training he needed to prepare him for his return. Now that Ben is cleared and back at Lew-Port playing sports again, he is under the watch and care of our athletic trainer, Jason, from NFMMC/UBMD Ortho. Knowing that Jason is there and aware of Ben’s prior injury is reassuring;his knowledge and care for the athletes is second to none. If a problem arises, Jason is there to evalute and contact Dr. Wind, if necessary. The team at UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine has provided Ben with a complete, comprehensive, all-encompassing recover; they work together for the successful “return to play” of the athlete.” – LH, Youngstown, New York

“Dear Dr. Geoffrey A. Bernas, MD

I just wanted to send my thanks to UB Orthopedics Staff for arranging my surgery ASAP in order to provide me time for rehab with the goal of having a successful trip to Alaska. most of all, I want to recognize you for providing your diagnosis, my options and your preferred recommendation. The surgery to my knee was a great success which allowed me to fill my life long dream of doing a true wilderness hunt in the mountains in Alaska.

Included are a few pictures to let you see the mountains I climbed and traversed for 8 consecutive days. My knee performed perfectly or better put, just as good as my other. I trained as hard as possible for the trip which contributed to my ability to endure the ruggedness of the mountains.

The hunt took place in the walk-in only area of the Chugach Mountains. Walk-in only means no motorized vehicles; planes, aerial support or animals can assist the hunter while hunting and is considered 100% fair chase. I was successful on the 5th day of the hunt and was approximately 25 miles into the mountains from the trail head. It was surreal, a memory I will never forget.

Thanks again!”
Regards, DS

“I saw Dr. Fineberg to evaluate my knee after a patella tendon rupture repair.  He was kind, caring and very straight forth in his evaluation.  He told me that to make my knee feel better, I needed to get on the bike and start riding.  He shared his passion for exercise with me, and as a result I lost 45 pounds in four months and my knee feels great!  Thanks so much for your encouraging words and helping me in my recovery Dr. Fineberg!” – JG, Horseheads, New York

“This is the doctor that saved my daughter from cancer. He is a tremendous doctor, he knows exactly what to do. He is always in our prayers. Thank you Dr. McGrath.”- DW, Kenmore, New York

“Dear Dr. Rauh – for the past 2 months, I have been a patient at UB Orthopaedics, Orchard Park.  My therapist, Laura Santillo, PT, and her assistant, Vinnie, have guided me through the rigors and routines, daily, to get me ambulating and increasing my level of durability.  Their continued support has allowed me to regain all of my balance and I am able to perform all of my daily activities.  Their interpersonal skills have made this experience so rewarding.  Thank you and UB Orthopaedics for your continued interest and in support for my recovery.” – DM, East Aurora, New York

Dr. Rauh – Now that it appears our son will no longer need to be a patient (at least we hope he does not), my wife and I would like to thank you for all that you have done for him. We realized very quickly how lucky he was to have you on the field when he was hurt in 2010. Your professionalism and thoroughness helped put us at ease right away. Taking care of an injury such as what he had is what you do on a regular basis. For us it was very new and something we had minimal experience with. We appreciated you taking the time to explain step by step what needed to be done. Throughout both of our son’s injuries we knew we could trust your judgment. This allowed him to focus on his recovery and rehab. Again, thank you for putting him back together and giving him a chance to have  a season he will remember the rest of his life.”
GS – West Seneca, New York

Dr. Fineberg performed reconstructive ACL surgery on both of my knees several years ago. I just wanted to express my gratitude since my knees are still doing very well several years down the line. I am grateful for having such a great surgeon repair both of my knees.” – ER, Buffalo, New York

“Please forward our email of praise and thanksgiving to orthopaedic spine surgeon, Lindsey Clark, M.D. on behalf of those who care and love (W.H.) …. well done, and thank you very much, Dr. Clark!” – JS, East Aurora, New York

“I had an appointment to see Dr. Wind yesterday. I have never had such a pleasant experience when seeing a physician. The staff, from making my appointment, to reception, to imaging, to physical exam were exceptional! Getting an appointment quickly and being seen on time are just about unheard of these days. It was great to have both happen.” – AP, Delevan, New York

“I was recently injured and I wanted to let you know how much I think of UB Orthopaedics for taking great care of me. Over three weeks ago I had the misfortune of falling on black ice and breaking my leg along with many ankle complications. I went to UB Orthopaedics and I was so impressed with the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire group. Dr. Michael Rauh did a three hour surgery to put me back together and everyone on his team was exceptional. I applaud you for having such a great group.” – JT, Buffalo, New York

Dr. McGrath, I wanted to thank you for helping both myself and my team to have our most successful season in our program’s history. The surgery you performed last summer allowed me to play pain free and at full strength and I couldn’t be more thankful!” – Jodi Battaglia, University at Albany, Great Danes Women’s Lacrosse

“I wanted to thank you for the excellent service we received at UB Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. One of our basketball players suffered a knee injury just before our Regional Playoffs. Dr. Fineberg’s staff swiftly got us an appointment the next day and, with truly exceptional service, secured our MRI scan at another local office – to overcome the fact their own MRI machine was booked by other patients. Beyond his excellent care and expertise, Dr. Fineberg took the time to contact our player that night with the results of her scan. With great appreciation, I can assure you that if GCC has further sports medicine needs we will be choosing Dr. Fineberg and UB Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine.”
Eric M. Sandler
– Head Athletic Trainer, Genesee Community College

Dr. Bernas, I just wanted to send a big thank you for everything you did to get my son (treated for an ankle fracture) back up on his feet! You did an awesome job, and he can now “march” off to college this fall! Thank you!” – CP, Boston, New York

Dr. Bernas, today is my day to thank you. There are really no words great enough to explain how appreciative my family is for your care, your thoughtfulness, and your professionalism for both my husband (treated for compartment syndrome) and me. We thank you for your assistance with our needs, and your concern for our concerns. We will always know that you saved (my husband’s) foot and leg. Our blessings to you.”
– Orchard Park, New York

“The survey I completed did not begin to explain my recent stay at Buffalo General Hospital for a hip replacement. First of all, I feel so lucky to have Dr. Rachala as my surgeon. He is caring, compassionate, reassuring, and competent, yet professional with a pleasant “bedside” manner. I was pleasantly surprised with the beautiful private suites, the furnishings and feeling of comfort they provided. Most importantly, the care I received as a patient there was beyond impressive. Whatever you have done to bring your hospital up to this level, please continue to do it, and THANK YOU.” JW – October 2011, Kaleida Health Foundation News Magazine

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