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Knee injuries, whether sudden or the result of years of wear, can be repaired multiple ways. Our goal is always to regain motion and stability in one of the more complex parts of the body. While surgery is an option, many times relieving pain and discomfort can be solved by simple outpatient surgery.

The knee is a complex joint with many components, making it vulnerable to a variety of injuries.

The UBMD Ortho experts have mastered techniques used to repair knee injuries and will discuss each patient’s options for stabilizing their knee and reducing or eliminating pain.

Geoffrey A. Bernas, MD
Leslie J. Bisson, MD
Marc S. Fineberg, MD
John M. Marzo, MD
Matthew J. Phillips, MD
Sridhar R. Rachala, MD
Michael A. Rauh, MD
Mario D. Santilli, MD
Robert J. Smolinski, MD
William M. Wind, Jr., MD
Identify knee pain

Our computer program is a patient resource, created to assist those struggling with persistent knee pain. Learn More.